A Sweater for Baby Alyss

Our friends had a precious little girl in August 2013. She turned 1 this year and I just had to make her something. I saw this pattern for a Striped Pullover in the Knit Picks catalog and thought it was adorable and perfect for little Alyss.

Now little Alyss is not actually that little, she is quite big for her age. That being said I decided to go with the bigger size.


The body on double pointed needles

I chose some beautiful Swan’s Island Washable yarn. I knew both of her parents weren’t knitters and I didn’t want the sweater to get ruined if it accidentally got washed.



I think my favorite part about this sweater was the stripes. It made a simple sweater so much more interesting.


The body

This was the first time that I have made a sweater that was in pieces. Sewing the arms on was not easy. I struggled lining up the stitches. At the end of the day my goal was to make sure the arms didn’t come off when tugged on, I was successful.



This sweater turned out way better then expected. The pattern was very unclear at some points and I just had to wing it. But, it turned out great and I love how the colors came together.


Alyss with her new sweater

Alyss loved her sweater. Once she opened it she was hugging it and just holding it. I gave it to her in August (which was when her 1st birthday was). She wasn’t able to wear it until recently. According to the parents they have already accidentally put the sweater in the washer and dryer but it survived! (good thing I got the washable wool). They also use it quite a bit. It’s a tad big for her which is great because it fits over what she’s already wearing and she can wear it as an outdoor layer.


Dream in Color Club – October

My mom got me an early Christmas present is year, the Dream in Color club. Her local yarn store, The Artful Yarn, is putting on this club. You get a skein of yarn and a pattern to go along with the pattern. The first month was September and I’m still working on that project. But then…

…the October skein came and I just fell in love with the colors and the pattern!


Dream in Color Club – Classy

I just had to start the pattern right away! This month was the Cruzado Criss Cross Cowl by Laura Nelkin. I haven’t done a lot of knitting with wrap arounds and this pattern had a ton of them. It also had a mobius cast on, which is something that still blows my mind. This video was very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVnTda7F2V4

Once I figured out how to cast on the cowl and accepted the fact that I didn’t understand what I was doing, the cowl knitted up really fast. Or maybe I was just really excited and kept telling my self one more row…



I didn’t take many in progress pictures because I was just so excited to see how it would turn out. When you do mobius cast on you can’t really see what the finished project will look like anyway because you are working from the middle out.


The wrap arounds

I have a new found love for wrap arounds. They create such a cool effect especially in a cowl. At the end of the pattern comes the criss cross wrap around part. I didn’t understand it at first but after trying it a few times I got the hang of it and it turned out great. I’m going to have to incorporate more of these stitches in my future knitting ventures.


Knits at work

I was so excited to finish the cowl that I wore it to work the next day. There is only one other women in my office. But, she noticed and complimented me on it. I finished it in with perfect timing because I also showed it off at Vogue Knitting Live!


At Vogue Knitting Live – Chicago

It was a big hit! Another women in my class had the same cowl. I also got complimented in the marketplace by a man on the colorway. I’m still working on the September pattern and just got the November one. So much yarn and so little time!

Check this project out on Ravelry!