Knitted Finger Puppets

Most people that know me know that I knit. My one and only instagram account is fully dedicated to my knitting projects and I wear my handknit projects all through-out fall/winter. One of my friends, Lauren, told her mom, Carol, that I knit.  She is also a crafter and can knit but is focuses more on sewing. Carol bought a book and tried to knit these little finger puppets. According to Lauren she tried to make some but we very unsuccessful and gave up and she wanted me to have it.


I have made knitted toys before from Mochimochi Land and I am familiar with making small knitted things. I was very excited to receive this book so I immediately group texted my family to so them what I got. One of my sisters, Jamie, worked with special ed and deaf students and she said she could use some of these finger puppets with her students. I saw this as a great opportunity! I told her to pick out three puppets and I got to work.



I started with the lion because he seemed to be the easiest. In the book it says to use a worsted weight yarn but I had a lot of left over sock weight yarn from make tiny mochimochi toys. I adjusted the needle size and he turned out perfect. I didn’t like some of the techniques in the book and reverted to some other techniques.



The tiger was a little more difficult then the lion because of the stripes. It’s hard to tell but the black yarn is a little heavier weight then the orange yarn and dominates a little. But he’s still cute!



I saved the most difficult for last. I also had to make a trip to Jo Ann’s to get some felt to finish him. He has a lot of pieces to him and I improvised in some parts like the arms. I’m not much of a sewer and when it came to the felt parts I struggled. I could not envision what it was going to look like and what I was doing was actually going to turn out okay. But he turned out great! My sister has already used them in the classroom and they are a big hit! The kids love them and they are just adorable how could you not love them!






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