Christmas Knitting

Christmas creeps up on me every year even though it is my favorite time of the year. I love the snow, decorations, family get togethers, cookies…pretty much everything. I usually am still trying to catch up on my years worth of knitting projects that I don’t get to spend that much time actually knitting Christmasy things.

A couple months ago one of our friends from church approached me because she knew I knitted. She had these hand knit stockings that were made by a family member that had passed away. Her son just got married and she wanted her new daughter in-law to have a matching stocking.

She gave me the stocking she wanted recreated and some of the other family stockings to reference. I figured I could probably find the pattern online. Boy was I wrong! I found a similar pattern but nothing that had the color work chart. Most of them had Santa’s on them but the one I had to make had Penguins. I used one of the Santa stocking patterns and created my own color chart.


I used a different yarn because I was having a lot of difficulty matching the green. I got all the colors approved before knitting and the “client” loved them. This was a very interesting project and I think I was pretty successful in taking an already knitting item and recreating it with no pattern. I think it looks great with it’s family of stockings!


Now my mother-in-law is also friends with this women from church and she found out that I made this and now I’m making all the family members that were married in to the family stockings, so at least 3 stockings and probably more. These stockings have a Santa on them and if any of you know where I could find this pattern please let me know!







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