Knits at work

I love wearing my knitted things to work. I work with all guys and one other woman, so my hand knit items get rarely noticed. But, every year I make something for my coworkers for Christmas. We’re small enough of a company that this isn’t a huge task. Last year I knit everyone all their own MochiMochi Snowman. They were a big hit! Every one has a little snowman on their desk.

This year I got a little creative! I made everyone a mini sweater ornament. I based it off of this ravelry pattern Mini Sweater Ornaments. All the guys are sports fans here so I made mini sweaters according to their preferences (with a Chicago team of course).

IMG_3635 They turned out even better then I expected. I made a little hanger for each so they could hang them where ever they wanted. Most of them just hung them on their desks. My boss was particularly impressed. He made a point to tell me that the sweater was too small for him to wear and then he walked around to see what everyone else got while holding his and showing it off (He got a Blackhawks sweater).  As of right now they are hanging some where on their desks. But, one of my co workers decided to combine last years gift and this years for a very cute snowman in a Bears sweater.


Now for my woman co-worker I decided to make something special for her. She’s not a huge sports fan so a sports sweater didn’t make sense. We share an “office” and she really keeps me sane when everyone else is being dumb so she deserves something special. She had mentioned that she saw these awesome fingerless mitts and asked if I knew how to make them. That same week she asked the Dream in Color Club came out with their November pattern for fingerless mitts and a hat. I thought this was no coincidence. When I got the yarn I got right to work on the mitts and once they were finished I wore them to work to test them out. Of course my co-worker noticed and took a liking to them and wanted to try them on. They fit her hands perfectly! I hung on to them and gave them to her for Christmas. She was very surprised and grateful!


Everyone loved their gift and I love to share my passion of knitting with them!


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