Baby Rauen

The past couple weekends I have been busy preparing and attending showers for my sister-in-law. She is having a baby boy in March! He’s my first nephew and I just couldn’t wait to spoil him. Right after I found out she was pregnant I went on the Chicago Yarn Crawl and visited my local yarn shop Knitche and their pattern give away was this super cute Sweet Tweet Jacket. I knew I was going to make it for this new baby. I picked out the colors from Quince & Co. Lark., Bark and Frost. They were nice gender neutral colors because at the time I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.

FullSizeRender (3)

When they told us it was a boy they were so excited and started calling him Baby Wolf. My brother in law really likes wolves and in their pregnancy announcement they said they were adding to their “pack”. I thought it was adorable and wanted to feature that in this little sweater. On the back of the sweater is suppose to be a bird, hence the Sweet Tweet Jacket name. But, I changed it up a little bit and call it the Sweet Howl Jacket.

FullSizeRender (1)

The parents loved it when they opened it. And they even texted me the next day saying they finally got a chance to look at it closely and they just loved it even more. I was so happy with the turn out and would highly recommend this sweater. It will keep my little nephew nice and warm.

The first shower I attended/helped with was Christmas themed and we were suppose to give an ornament or Christmas item instead of a card. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to make the baby’s first MochiMochi. I decided to make Santa and Rudolph. They use them as ornaments or just little decorations.


This past weekend I attended the second shower and I had already given them the sweater and I didn’t want to show up empty handed. Then I remembered the book my brother-in-law got my for Christmas, Knit a Zoo. There was a wolf in the book! I got to work right away and just used scrap yarn that I had. I’ve never knit a toy so this was a new experience for me. It’s knit up in pieces and sewn together. The sewing up part was the most difficult part of the whole project. But, I think he turned out great!

IMG_3755 IMG_3754 IMG_3753 I can’t wait for this little boy to arrive so I can spoil him even more!

Click the links to check out all these projects on Ravelry: Sweet Howl Jacket, Tiny Santa and Tiny Reindeer, and Wolf


My family knows me too well

Note: I meant to post this right after New Years but it got so cold that our internet literally froze!

A Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed family company and ate lots of food!

A lot of people are doing posts about the past year and their favorite FOs and projects. I’ve actually only been doing this blog for about 3 months and decided to post pone a “best of” post until next year when I have better documented my projects. But I would love to share my wonderful Christmas presents which will inspire new works for 2015.

I’ve been enjoying one of my Christmas presents for about 4 months now (See the October post here). My mom signed me and her up for the Dream in Color Club. It started in September and is very exciting to get a new yarn and pattern every month! I’m thrilled with this gift because these yarns and patterns are out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I would have chosen any of these colorways or put them with these patterns. It’s been an exciting journey!









This is like the gift that keeps on giving! It has taught my to open my eyes and look at stuff I normally would write off as not my style.

Now for my in-laws…

I’ve known my husbands family for 5 years now and they really have gotten to know me and my likes and dislikes. This year they were spot on with all of their gifts. They had a little help from some suggestions and my husband but I was still overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness.


My brother in law had me for the sibling gift exchange and he was spot on! I saw this book Knit Your Own Zoo at Brookfield Zoo in the gift shop. I almost made an impulse buy but then my husband reminded me that Christmas was right around the corner. This was perfect because my brother in law loves animals. He used to work and the zoo so this was a perfect gift. As he handed me the gift he reminded me that he is has a son on the way and he’ll probably like animals too (hint hint). He also got my a gift certificate to my LYS Knitche. I can’t wait to use it for my next Spring KAL (knit a long) project.


From my In-Laws I got the Snowfling Mitten Kit from Tanis Fiber Arts. I’ve had my eye on these ever since I saw them and I was so excited to get them. I got the colors Charcoal & Natural with a Poppy lining.


I have already hand wound these (Edit: I have already finished these because I was so excited and it was getting so cold). The yarn is so soft and luscious. The Poppy has some cashmere in the blend and it is just so soft I can’t wait to wear these.


My In-Laws also got my this little yarn tote from YarnPop. It is the perfect little bag the holds a couple balls of yarn and has two holes that you can put the yarn through if you want so the balls don’t roll around. This will be perfect for when I start my Quadrifurcus hat!

IMG_3660I also got a little Christmas gift for my self from Knitche’s December Pop-Up. They had Rauma of Norway presented by The Yarn Guys. My KAL leader Amanda Davidson, introduced me to the Quadrifurcus hat and she recommended this yarn.

Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to many more knitting projects in 2015.