A Little Selfish Knitting

I’ve been knitting a lot of gifts lately for Christmas and babies. As you can see in this post I got a lot of awesome presents from my family that needed to be made. First I needed some better gloves or mittens. I saw these Snowfling Mittens on Tanis Fiber Arts and I just had to make them! I’m not an expert in color work but I can make do and I thought these would be a perfect project to practice on. My in-laws had gotten me the kit and I picked out the colors that match my winter trench coat perfectly.


The kit came with two Yellow Label DK Weight yarn (Charcoal and Natural) and one Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn (Poppy). These colors were perfect and they also match the colors of my favorite NHL hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks!


I worked on these everyday after work for a couple weeks because I was just so excited to wear them. The two layers of knitted fabric is a brilliant mitten design. It keeps your fingers extra warm and fits your hand so nicely. I especially like the cashmere lining. I wear rings daily and I’ve had issues in the past with knitted items getting stuck as I put them on past my hands. But this cashmere makes a nice tight fabric and my rings don’t get caught! I’m not sure if that was intentional in the design but it’s a great perk. Check this project out on Ravelry!


For Christmas I bought myself a little present from the Pop Up shop at Knitche. I bought Rauma Finullgarn of Norway which was presented by The Yarn Guys. My KAL leader Amanda Davidson introduced me to this yarn and pattern.

IMG_3758At first I was very frustrated with the Quadrifurcus pattern. I was trying to obtain gauge and I was just no where near the measurements. I just kept staring at the pattern and was waiting for it to tell me what I was doing wrong. I put it down for a while and thought about it and then it just hit me. Looking back it was just stupidity on my part. The pattern calls for a gauge in a basket weave stitch. The only kind of basket weave stitch I know is like the image below:

BasketWeaveWhy I thought this was the basket weave stitch they were talking about, I have no idea. This stitch is not even in the pattern. I eventually figured out that they were talking about this basket weave stitch:


Once I figured out what the pattern was actually talking about, it got much easier. You really have to pay attention as you knit it though, it’s easy to get lost in the stitches and miss something. The pattern is written out and made in to a chart. I finished the hat just in time for the 5th worst blizzard in Chicago’s history!


I really love the colors I chose and how they over lap each other. I also love this “new” basket weave stitch. It looks complicated but is really very easy once you get the hang of it.


Yesterday was the Monday after this big blizzard. Unfortunately, I still had work. But, I got to wear a lot of my hand knit items to work! My new Quadrifurcus, my striped cowl from a couple years ago and my Baldrun Sweater (Click links to check them out on Ravelry).

I hope all you knitters out there take time to make something for your self. I get a great sense of pride when I wear my own hand made stuff.


3 thoughts on “A Little Selfish Knitting

  1. Love your mittens!! Your last photo reminds me of a football game we were at in October. I had layers of hand knits on from my neck to my fingertips! And I was toasty warm. Except for my legs, too bad I didn’t have a hand knit blanket on hand!


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