Left Shark

On Superbowl Sunday I watched the big game even though I did not care at all who won. I love football but I would rather cheer on my team (Chicago Bears). I basically watched the game for the halftime show. I’m also not in love with Katy Perry but I did really enjoy the halftime show, especially the dancing sharks, trees and beach balls. Apparently everyone else also loved these guys especially the left shark. Here’s a little article about how viral this shark got, Consider the Left Shark. I really was clueless to this phenomenon, I just thought they were cute. Then my long time friend tweeted “Did they make plush stuffed Katy Perry sharks yet, because I think I’m going to need one.” Her birthday is this week and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try and recreate Katy Perry’s Left Shark. I really made it up as I went and tried to write it down as I knitted. I have some knowledge of toy construction making toys from MochiMochi Land. But, once he was done he was perfect. I gave it to her at her surprise birthday dinner and I can’t really describe her reaction other then, she loved him.


The picture does not do him justice at all, he is way cuter in person. He’s about 2 inches of adorableness. I’m pretty proud of this little project and so glad it brought my friend happiness on her birthday!


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