Man Sweater

My knit a long started doing a “Man Sweater” project back in November. The original pattern is Timberline by Brooklyn Tweed. We dubbed it “The Liam Sweater” named after the model in the photos who we call Liam. One women made this sweater for her husband. The KAL staff member made this sweater for herself. Another women decided on a totally different sweater. I showed my husband the Timberline and his response was “I will never wear that”. At first I was bummed because I was really excited to cable and make a whole sweater out of cables. But, I realized I would be more upset if my husband never wore it. So, I told him he could pick out his own sweater and the search began on Ravelry. We finally settled on Colonel Henley by Spud and Chloe.


I got a great deal at Vogue Knitting Live on some Ella Rae Classic yarn that my mom found. When I first started this pattern I got beyond frustrated with making the shoulders work. I actually ripped it out and started over twice. I eventually contacted the designer on Ravelry and tried to figure out what I was doing wrong. We figured it out  and on the third try I got it right. It was a new technique to me on how to make the shoulders. The sweater went very smoothly after that. It was just a lot of work. Making a men’s sweater is much bigger then a women’s sweater.




He has already worn it to work twice and to church to show it off a little. I’m very pleased with this sweater and my husband really loves it, that’s all that matters! Check out this project on Ravelry!


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