Dyeing Workshop

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in a dyeing workshop at my local yarn shop, Knitche. For the past month they have been hosting Rocking the Wool in their Pop-up shop. They usually do an event along with the pop up shop and this month it was a dyeing workshop. I have been itching to start dyeing yarn so I saw this as a perfect opportunity. I called the day after I got the Knitche newsletter talking about the workshop and there was already a waiting list! I was pretty bummed. But, the next day I got a call saying they were adding another workshop right after the first. I was thrilled and signed right up!

The workshop was nice and simple. We started out with safety. They use a Greener Shades dyes, which are heavy metal free acid dyes. I had never heard of such a thing so I was very interested. We just had to wear gloves and the instructor did all the dye mixes. At the beginning of the workshop we had to pick between kettle dyeing the yarn or hand painting, we all chose hand painting.


It kind of looks like we were doing some kind of experiment. The mason jars had the dye in them and we poured them in to our own cups and made our own color or just used the existing dye. I used color blue and yellow and they bled together and made green!


Wet, newly dyed yarn in a bag.

We laid out the yarn the had been prepared for us on saran wrap and painted on the colors we wanted with spoons. Once we were done “painting” we wrapped the yarn up in the saran wrap and put it in the microwave to set.


When I got home I was told to rinse the yarn with tap water then let it dry. It looked awesome on the hanger!

IMG_3929Kathy, the owner of Knitche, got this awesome shot of us all dyeing. I’m on the top left!


I am beyond thrilled with the result of my dyeing! The colors are just perfect. The yellows are very bright and so are the blues and when they come together they make this beautiful green. I can’t wait to knit something up with this. I had such a great time at this workshop that I think more dyeing might be in my future.

After learning about the acid dyes and how the process works I think I’m going to try and focus on natural dyeing. I have a garden and it would be so fun to make dyes out of what I can plant. Has anyone done any hand dyeing or have any tips about dyeing?


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