My husband is a regular Reddit user and he came across this thing called RedditGifts. They were having a yarn exchange, which I though was an awesome idea! The way it works is you sign up, give some information about what you like and details about you. Reddit will match you with someone and someone else is matched for you, it is not a one to one exchange.

My match happened to live not to far, just a couple towns over. This was great because I got her some yarn from a local yarn shop pretty close to both of us. She is actually a crocheter, so that was a little challenging in figuring out what she would like. But, I think I did well.

wowi-sure-got-spoiled-i-love-it-all-1427335721-937612583738I got her some yarn called “Lova”, this looked liked a yarn that could make a cool crochet project. I also got her some Quince and Co. Lark, one of my favorite yarns! Let’s just say I think she loved it, see her post in the Yarn Exchange 2015 here.

I got my package the other day and I was just amazed at the thoughtfulness of the contents.


I got some sock yarn which is great because I would love to start making more socks. Some yarn from Nice and Knit, which is lovely hand dyed yarn. I have been following their blog for a while and just haven’t purchased their yarn yet. This color is exactly my taste and I can’t wait to knit something up. There was also a Miss Bab’s Hand Dyed Yarn & Fiber mini skein, it’s so cute! There was also some Nice and Knit Stitch Markers, you can never have too many stitch markers. You can see my post in the Yarn Exchange 2015 Gallery here.

This was just an awesome experience and I could feel the love and passion in this amazing fiber community. I’m so glad to be a part of it.


One thought on “RedditGifts

  1. what a great idea!! I love the gift you put together for your swap partner, and you got a wonderfully thoughtful gift, too! I have been admiring the Nice & Knit stitch markers, I love how simple and pretty they look.


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