Montana Sweaters

I know it’s been a long time since my last post but a lot has been going on. My husband and I took one small step to having our own farm and got chickens! They have grown a lot since the picture below and actually look like chickens now with feathers. We will need to finish painting their coop and build their fenced area but they will be making eggs soon!


I also got a part time job at Knitche in Downers Grove. This place has been my local yarn shop and I attend their Saturday morning knit a long. When I heard they were hiring I was very excited and filled out an application right away! They must have liked me because I got the job and have been working there a couple weeks now. The ladies are lovely and I can’t wait to learn all I can from these wise women.

Now on to my knitting. I’ve been working on a bunch of projects but I just finished these two baby sweaters that are just too sweet not to share. They are for our friends that live out in Montana, Paul and Emily. They just got married in October and they are expecting twins this summer! They are having a boy and a girl. I decided to make them sweaters similar to Baby Rauen’s sweater. I love this pattern because it is is simple and turns out great every time.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry at Sweet Tweet Jacket.



I love these jackets because you can customize them. On these I did duplicate stitches and stitched on a horse and a deer head. The parents have some horses and love hunting, so I thought it was appropriate. I used the recommended yarn in the pattern, Quince and Co. Lark. I love this yarn because it is 100% American Wool, there are so many fabulous colors, it’s just a great yarn to work with and has great stitch definition.

I can’t wait to see the little ones in these!

Check this project out on Ravelry!